raising warriors

High King,  My heart overflows in gratitude for the two beautiful children You have entrusted to my care as a Momma; I am honored to cherish and nurture them. While I call them “mine,” I know that ultimately their breath and being belongs to You, my beloved King. You knew them and loved them before … More raising warriors


I can’t really put into words my desire to run a home as a wife and mother. A place for my daughter, and soon my son, to run around and play. A place to paint and personalize. A place to bake a dish in the oven and fill a freezer with prepared meals. A place … More Home

PapPap’s Christmas

A colorful Christmas tree, sparkling wreaths, old-time carols, an handmade nativity scene, carved ham and turkey, and a constant influx of loving family: it’s Christmastime here at PapPap’s cabin. With days, maybe only hours, left with PapPap on this earth, we are celebrating his favorite holiday early this year. What a time to rejoice in the … More PapPap’s Christmas

our sweet Olivia

The last couple weeks with Olivia have been wonderful, yet exhausting. I always imagined being a mommy and the late nights and early mornings that would come along with my title, but wow, the late nights and early mornings… Before I had Olivia, I actually had nightmares that she would refuse to breast feed. I’m … More our sweet Olivia

our wedding photos

How do you spend your breaks between nursing while you hold a sleeping baby? You excitedly upload your wedding photos that you just received in the mail! Or at least, that’s what I’ve done the past couple of days. Sunday marks 1 year since Ben and I committed our lives to one another before God, … More our wedding photos

newborn photo session

As promised, here are photos from our newborn session with Olivia! It’s not an all inclusive set – so keep in touch with my sister Sophie’s Facebook page (Sophie Ann Photography) for more photos. Olivia’s Newborn Photo Session. This link will take you to her photo album. Enjoy! P.S. Happy one week birthday to our sweet … More newborn photo session

the last 5 days

What an incredible journey the last 5 days have been with our sweet daughter. We were blessed to leave the hospital the evening following Olivia’s birth, which was a relief and comfort (freedom to sleep in our own bed, use our own bathroom, and eat our own food again!). Home sweet home, now made sweeter by … More the last 5 days


Olivia Ellen Grace | 11.29.15 | 7:32pm | 7lbs 8oz | 18 3/4″ After anxiously awaiting the arrival of my Momma and two of my sisters, Hannah and Sophie, I finally felt peace to give birth to our daughter when they arrived on Wednesday. Thanksgiving came and went, and we enjoyed a beautiful day, eating … More yesterday

giving of thanks

The first Thanksgiving as a wife; my Momma, Hannah, and Sophie driving 20 hours to spend time with us in Virginia; Momma fixing incredible food; my Daddy giving up my Momma for the first Thanksgiving in 28 years; staying in pajamas all day; Olivia staying quietly tucked in mommy for the relaxed yet full day … More giving of thanks